Your Own Thoughts are Ruining Your Life

Your Own Thoughts are Ruining Your Life

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Your life is a reflection of your own thoughts. What you seek is seeking you. If you go backwards in your life you will find that at some point it happened to you, what you were seeking came to you. But somewhere on the path you forgot and switched to toxic thoughts. I don’t blame you, it’s not your fault, the society is poisoned with false data and destructive stories. Negativity everywhere. You need to do something in order to improve your life.

Let’s get straight to the point and see which thoughts are ruining your life:

  1. You failed and you point the guilt at someone else.

Let’s get real here, this is the worst thought you can ever have. No excuses here, you failed because of you. You allowed that to happen because you didn’t consider everything which can stop you in accomplishing your goal. Don’t blame someone else for your faults, embrace them. It’s a life experience. Just don’t repeat the same mistake twice!

  1. Do you get the feeling that life isn’t fair with you?

Oh, poor little me, life is so though on me… I don’t want to hear that! So what, you will just sit there and you will feel sorry for yourself? Let me ask you this, how that thinking will solve your problems? Go out on the battle field and fight for your victory. Maybe you will lose some battles but for sure that doesn’t mean that you will lose the war! Life is tough folks, but you won’t accomplish anything feeling sorry for yourself. Not all the chances are good, but we need to take them. Behind every chance is hidden opportunity, victory. Go for it!

  1. Have you ever heard someone says: “I’m not privileged!”

Shut up. We are all privileged! Damn we are privileged. Every living being is unique in its own way, so the human race isn’t excluded from that uniqueness!

  1. I often hear young people saying: “Live like there is no tomorrow!”

That’s a scam, a trap! Many people are “too open-minded” and take this too serious! There is a tomorrow, and there always will be. Who is planning to end his life tomorrow? No one. So, if you love, love like there is no tomorrow. If you express gratitude, express it like there is no tomorrow… and so on, but don’t do that with finances, plan it little wisely, life is not just one day! Invest in yourself.

  1. This is a good one too: “If I only had the money…”

What, what would you do? You’re the smartest person so your stand point is directly from the top? Go earn the money first, find a way. Find a money stream and get involved in it. Start studying about it, gain as much knowledge as you can. Only on that way you can get piece of the cake. Once you earn enough money start pursuing your dreams. Connect with people, share experience. Only on that way you can “have the money” or find them to start your dream business.

  1. I hate when people say “It’s impossible!”

Where did you learn that? It’s bullshit! In the middle of 20th century people thought it was impossible to walk on the moon, but what happened? Many thought that it would be impossible to talk over big distance? What happened with that?

Everything is possible, you just need to distinguish the difference between I can’t and I don’t want! If there’s a will it will happen! Find a way.

Even if only one of these thoughts is a part of your mindset the possibility that you will soon get all of them in package is huge. Get rid of these thoughts, immediately!

I only know one way to do that, take action. Actions is the cure!



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