5 Reasons Why Startup Founders are Wise to Learn to Code

5 Reasons Why Startup Founders are Wise to Learn to Code

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Startup founders are wise to learn to code

Some of the great entrepreneur’s advice is: The best time spent is to learn how to code. Spend as much energy and as much valuable time as needed, but remember that this skill will only do good for you. If you haven’t started yet, take the initiative and make the effort to do so, it will make your business more productive and stronger.

Here are the Five Main Reasons Why Startup Founders are Wise to Learn to Code:

1. Startups save money and time

If the owners of the startup know how to code, that means that money for another programmer will not be spent. And because the owner tries to solve the problem, it will be faster because he has no benefit of stalling the solution.

2. You will train your brain to solve problems

Programming opens new windows in your brain, making you faster at problem solving and realizing the solution at no time.

3. Become able to quickly test ideas

Startups are limited on the budget, and hiring a programmer to test some ideas can be expensive. Doing it by yourself will save money and time.

4. You will know what are realistic timelines

Able to code, you will know how much time it will take for the new hired programmer to do a task. When the business expanded at some point you will need to hire another programmer, so it is good to know how much time is needed for him/her to finish the given tasks before the deadline.

5. Become more attractive to investors and top talent

Investors will first ask you if you are able to code. They do this because they will be sure that you will jump on the problem and solve it without any assistance at the time. They will become surer in you and value you more. Another reason to learn to code is because programmers attract programmers. It will be much easier for the employees to follow a leader with experience and they will learn from you, without stalling the solutions for the problems.

There are many free resources on the internet you can use to start learning, one other option is to visit online courses which will save you money and time.

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