Why Soft Startup Launching is Better?

Why Soft Startup Launching is Better?

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Why Soft Startup Launching is Better?

Let’s say you are only one week away from the big launch for your startup company. Sure, you got the initial investment and you plan to roll big, investing every penny on your marketing campaign. That’s great, you had the courage and motivation. You are self-motivated person who wants to make the change but consider these reasons we will cover in the article, why startups shouldn’t launch big like a Fortune 500 Company!

Superbowl commercial is affordable for Apple and Microsoft, who are building on existing revenue streams and have the right to make lavish events, but for startups this is not recommendable, because you will have small budget and the approach with soft launch is way better.

“Treat the resources which you have like a jealous lover, because one mistake and they are gone for forever!”

Soft startup launching has some advantages, compared with the Big Bang launch.

1. Immediate customer feedback

Customers are most important for your business and hiding is not the solution. Startups which insist on doing business in stealth mode fear the competitor response and miss even more important customer response.

2. Small real revenue today is better than large later projections

No investor will invest unless they see that your product is needed on the market. To fund a support for roll-out is much harder than funding to support a scale up, after some initial smell of success.

3. Maximum agility for required pivots

Most startups are becoming battle ships that are hard to turn in a storm. To execute multiple iterations while small is critical for any limited budget startup and runway. That’s why startups need the agility to test themselves in various business models and to position messages.

4. Partners and distribution channels will take you seriously

Having validated early customer will get their attention and give you leverage, when you need negotiation for support in the real business surge.

5. Build the audience and the product at the same time

Big bang roll out can be replaced with social media market place, and will save you a lot of money. It is easier to measure success with this marketing than with the big bang.

6. Time to train and prepare staff to deal with customers

The customers are the best marketing there is, and well trained staff will deal with great care towards the customers and will leave them happy.

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