Whatever It Takes – Maintain the Greatest Attitude!

Whatever It Takes – Maintain the Greatest Attitude!

whatever it takes

The only choices for today, which will get you anywhere are yours and you should make them wisely. It is the conventional “whatever” that makes the difference, this word is not needed and it will get you nowhere. Instead of only “whatever” switch to “whatever it takes”! There is a difference isn’t it?

Did you know that 50% of the workers around the world are unhappy at work and they are disengaged? The disengaged worker is an employee that has quit but not left the job yet!

Whether you are interviewed, or conducting interview or closing a deal, remember to do whatever it takes to maintain the greatest attitude:

1. To stay positive;
2. To be confident;
3. To show up early;
4. To sell yourself as great;
5. To meet the decision maker;
6. To follow up after the interview;
7. To know the company’s objectives;
8. To show up dressed professionally.

There are people hired, that sold themselves on the interview and then showed nothing at work. This is the most common thing which you see when you are hiring somebody, and because there are restrictions on the questions that can be asked when interviewing, you cannot fully see if the candidate is perfect for the job or not.

After you know this, you should make this decision: Make an audition for TV show where the winner would be hired for the job. The extraordinary one who has the “whatever it takes mindset”. Literally do that, make tough audition because if you want your company to expand you need players who can play way beyond average.

In the end there were too many applicants who showed up late, not dressed professionally and without the clue of doing a simple job interview. You’ll see that the show must go on, instead of one you will record multiple installments because the actors were bad, but make them to sell themselves!

Rather than putting people through the “normal” job interview, they were asked to sell themselves. That is the way to see if they had whatever it takes in them to work for the company.

So, what you learned? It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee or employer, you should know this data in order to improve yourself and your business.

Whatever it takes gentlemen, until we reach the top!

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