How Sharing Can Transform Your Company and Life

How Sharing Can Transform Your Company and Life

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transform your company and life

There was a problem in Bryan Kramer’s life. He and his wife were leading a successful company, but because he delegated all his responsibilities, it became boring for him and he felt unwanted in company, so he wanted to quit.

While thinking about leaving the company, he started blogging. After some time he started interviewing writers and business leaders, and great content was shared, eventually moving to videos. Many people wanted to see the answers and they were getting huge number of views. Most of the people asked him, how he got so much views and “likes”. His answer was “because you’re not sharing something that’s authentically you.”

There are many social places and sites where you can share your content, but first you need to start with one and be consistent with it. Try out the one which is in your comfort zone, where you feel like you can make great things, and keep on working with it, eventually expanding on some other network, never leaving the first one.

This is what changed Bryan Kramer’s life. After he started blogging, than the interviews and the sharing, he didn’t want to leave the company any more. He made the business bigger, opened a publishing company and a e-learning company. He accomplished this with sharing the content on the right way, with the right ads and on the right place and time. Main good thing about people is that they like to connect with other people. Especially with people who share their own thinking and ideas. That is where business is born, and when you offer something to these people they will grab it for sure.

Sharing is the best way to connect with people, if you don’t share you cannot connect. But when you connect, provide useful data and resources which will give answers to the people who are hanging with you. If you continue in this course, soon you can transform your company and life and position yourself as a leader in your niche industry.

Inspire, share, motivate and transform your company and life while helping other people to grow!

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