TheWebMiner – The Best Technology Detector

TheWebMiner – The Best Technology Detector

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How many times did it happened to find yourself trapped in an endless scroll through search engines clicking up to page twenty of results filled with anger from having your expected result in your head and not being able to find it exactly because of the search terms that are too generic. Or imagine how hard is for specific people to conduct all kinds of researches, trying to group results based on similarities, all this being done manually and of course subjectively. Maybe TheWebMiner has what you are looking for!


TheWebMiner on the other hand is trying to fix these problems by implementing a new way people can search through companies’ websites. Starting with keywords that are filled in the search box and later used as a primary search tag a user has the power to also choose from various filters placed in the left side of the page in order to optimize its search and obtain the desired results.

A difference in regard to the conventional search tools offered by engines is the specific search results that you want. You can search companies or maybe e-commerce and so the search can be customized depending on your needs. Another essential feature is the possibility of download offered by it, because usually data needs to be exported.

Jon Alen Paulos used to say that ‘The Internet is the world’s largest library. It’s just that all the books are on the floor’ and TheWebMiner just took a step into creating ‘shelves’ for all these books. Let’s all try it while the number of indexed sites keeps on rising.

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