These 7 Business Tools Run 7 Figure Business!

These 7 Business Tools Run 7 Figure Business!

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Moving from WordPress and Woo Commerce to Shopify might be the best move ever. Shopify enables to scale without the need to ratchet up or down the back-end bandwidth or to monitor any server restraints. Also it saves a lot of time and headaches, and you can do the same with the suite of these seven business tools that we recommend:

1. AdEspresso

With this tool, you can easily load the ads, the targets or segments and taglines, together with many options and the system will automatically create a full range of ads and it will post them into your Facebook ad manger. Sounds good right?

2. Klaviyo

This is an app for the Shopify store, and can be plug-in for most ecommerce platforms. Klaviyo is an email flow machine, which will allow you to pre-create and load emails that are automatically sent.

3. Zendesk

Unless you are willing to set up a call center or to answer your phone 24/7, you will need Zendesk to do this for you, the system is intelligent, easy to manipulate and offers considerable wider swath of solutions for your business.

4. Delighted

Feedback from the customers is most important, it gives you the opportunity to communicate with them. The more you reach out and touch a customer, the higher the likelihood that you can help when help is needed, the customers will love your brand for that.

5. Zapier

Connecting one to platform to another, has never been easier. Easily taking action on the survey responses, whether they are good or bad, can be done now with great speed.

6. SweetTooth

Giving points to the purchasing customers, or making a discount if a customer shares the product on the social networks. You can also set it up to give free BottleKeepers for the referring customers.

7. StitchLabs

Having multiple stores with same inventory, is tough and here StitchLabs comes in help. Connect all stores in one inventory and be on top of it any time.

You can check Shopify just clicking on the image below.

business tools

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