The Latest release of Drupal and its Highlights

The Latest release of Drupal and its Highlights

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In the world of Web Designing and website development, when there is so much technology available, programmers are working on different software to make the best and efficient websites. In this arena of software, some of the most named ones included Word Press and Drupal. Word Press has always been a platform where some of the most basic to advanced websites are made regularly. Website Developers love the use of Word Press because it helps them manage the customization and provides much more flexibility in their work.

However, Drupal is also one of its kind software that has created a huge impact on the website development world. It is a free, open source development software that can help both individual developers and a group of developers to manage website development with ease and work on some of the fantastic websites around the world. The application includes content management and framework for website development to provide developers a perfect platform to showcase their developing and programming talent. Today’s blog is going to talk about the latest release of Drupal 8.0 and various features revolving the new release.

Drupal 8.0 the release

The latest version of Drupal release is the hard work of not a few individuals, but it includes contributions of about 2,300 people around the world. There are about 11,500 patches and 15 major alpha releases that have made this Drupal release possible. There is a drastic change in the landing page as well as the interface of the new Drupal and it comprises of various different patches to help keep the release updated for a long period of time. When we talk about the new Drupal release, it has been thrown into the market with a beta tester after which the users can then download a patch of original alpha software when everything is complete.

New Options in the release

Like we said, there is a significant change in the interface and the module of Drupal. It is combined with many patches to ensure there is an updated support available. The fundamental API’s on Drupal are now much more efficient and stable to allow developers to resume their pledges work in a more secure manner compared to previous versions. Now developers will not have to perform data migrations when they shift from one version of the software or website to another. This is a very welcome change in the new release.

Useful for?

Drupal 8.0 is a much awaited release. It fixes some of the major data migration and API problems for the developers. The software is useful for carousel themed websites and delivering fast loading page results. It is a good combination of content and website management software.


The Drupal 8.0 beta is already available in the market. It is being worked on by the contributors to make it more efficient before the alpha release is done. The availability of the software can be utilized by the virtue of any search engine and downloading page. Beta versions might have some limited accessibility until the full version is developed.

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