SEO Marketing or PPC Marketing: Which One to Use?

SEO Marketing or PPC Marketing: Which One to Use?

SEO Marketing vs PPC Marketing

Here we have a Google AdWords expert Perry Marshall and his associate Talor Zamir. They both will introduce you to the framework behind the successful local marketing campaign. Using Google you must ask yourself “How to reach all the potential customers out there?” Well there are two strategies that might work for you. One is the SEO Marketing, or Search engine optimization, and the other one is PPC paid per click marketing.

These two are very important and we will explain them both to you so you can decide later which one will work the best for your business.

SEO Marketing or PPC Marketing-Which One to Use?

SEO Marketing Explained:

When compiling a post for your website, the post needs to be SEO compatible. What that means is that the search engines can index it and choose it as best match for the search results with the given focus keyword. SEO is a long term investment but you really need to dig into it and learn all the tricks to get better score at the SEO ranking. Longer focus keywords are trend these days and making one on the post will do so much well for you. All the customers or the visitors are relying on the Google’s search and ranking your website on top of the results will drive traffic to the site.

Now what about the PPC marketing?

PPC or paid per click marketing is a Google made ads that will show your website or link above the organic results. Now that is an advantage that you need to consider because no matter if the searcher got the focus keyword correct for your content, it will show because it is content related to yours. The ads or the PPC marketing ads will show above the organic search in the Google’s search engine and on the right side of the results. They are eye catching but you must make the ad to say something attractive in order to attract the customers to your website. If the ad is boring or is like any other that is dull, than don’t expect clicks on it.

SEO Marketing Versus PPC Marketing, which one is better?

SEO Marketing can be taken as a long term investment. Hiring a SEO firm will pay off in the following six to 12 months from the date you hire them. And if Google changes the algorithm in the SEO than everything could be lost as seen many times before.

PPC Marketing on the other hand, is paid per click campaign, and if there are no results than you can alter the ad or stop the campaign with no further harm or money loss, as opposed to the SEO. It is up to you which one to use, both are great but you must make them work for you!

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