SEO 2016: What Really Matters This Year in SEO

SEO 2016: What Really Matters This Year in SEO

SEO 2016 - What Really Matters

For so many people SEO is not understandable and the changes that came in the SEO 2016 are going to make it even worse. Most of the times that you Google SEO you will find misleading trails and hard to understand content and you wouldn’t even know what you are really reading.

Two years ago what really mattered to the Google search engine was the linking. More links going to your website would rank the page higher in the search results page. This is not the case anymore as the SEO 2016 what really likes is the valuable content on the website and social linking. That’s why we had a full story of using the social media as a market place, it will help you with the SEO ranking too.

There was a full study of 1 million searches with Google and here are the results which show what really matters for SEO 2016:

Backlinks are still very important!

You will need backlinks leading to your website from all different domains. The best ones currently are Facebook and Twitter, they are the most valued at the moment.Number of Backlinks

100 backlinks from the same domain will not do the trick, but 100 backlinks from 100 different domains will put you in business.

More bounces equal lower rankings!

Sites will small number of bounces will rank higher in the Google search results, as we can see in the analysis.Bounce Rate

Bouncing from your website is telling Google that people don’t like to read your content and they are running away. This is going to rank the website much lower in the search results.

Long-form content ranks better!

Blasting a 10.000 words post on the website is hard thing to do, but follow the example of Their content is always so long and it won’t let you to go away from the site. Now it seems like all the people like to read long posts rather than the amusing short ones that we were used to. It matters to Google too, as they rank these pages much higher than the pages with short posts.SEO 2016 Long Posts Ranking

Also the long content posts tend to be more shared on the social media too.

In-depth, focused content outperforms content about 10 different topics!

This means that writing 5 000 words about ten different topics will not rank you at the top of the Google search. The topic focused content tends to be the best ranked and this is connected with the long posts too, better focus and longer content is the way to go.Topic Ranking

Covering one topic in depth is the best way to write a post nowadays. So writing a post about ten topics will not do the trick. Use the same time and explore a little, so that you will have enough information about the topic that you started the post about.

Site speed makes a difference in SEO 2016!

Site speed matters to Google a lot and faster loading websites will be ranked higher.

Site Loading Speed

If you use a WordPress on your site than using the WP Super Cache will do the trick. It is very easy to set up and it will make such a huge difference.

Using these tips about the SEO 2016 and see what matters, you can optimize your site and make it rank higher in the Google search results page.

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