5 Rules of Closing the Sale

5 Rules of Closing the Sale

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Selling and closing the sale are two different things. Selling means convincing the customer that your product is good and that he needs it, and closing the sale means that the customer will pay money for your product or service.

Here are 5 rules of closing the sales:

1. Always be seated when negotiating and closing.

This rule is sometimes missed by the big professionals as well. The saying goes, promote the product on your feet, close the deal with the conditions seated down. And most important, keep the client seated until you close the deal. If he stands up in the middle that means that you are doing something wrong.

2. Always present your proposal in writing.

The old saying “talk is cheap” plays a role here. People like stuff in writing, they find the proposition more valuable and more credible. Like if the product comes with warranty, it Is always better to write this down, as it seems more important to the customers.

3. Always clearly communicate your proposal.

Rehearsal is good, rehearse the closing of the deal, don’t mumble while you tell your proposal and don’t ever cover your mouth. This will ruin the impression of the client and you will not close the deal.

4. Always make eye contact.

If you want to be believed, you need to make eye contact. If you have wandering eyes, or you look on the floor while talking to the customer, there is not a chance that he will believe what you are telling him.

5. Always have a pen available for signing.

Consider your pen as a sword in the battle. If you lose it, the customer might think that he shouldn’t sign the deal at all, he will take it as a bad sign and he will never return again.

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