Keep the Customers in Mind when Redesigning Your Company Blog

Keep the Customers in Mind when Redesigning Your Company Blog

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Redesigning Your Company Blog

The blog is vital in marketing. That’s the place where you can talk with the customers and learn their desires and their opinions. Whether posting the newest product or project, you need to nurture the conversations with the customers to help you improve the service.

First thing that needs to be achieved with the blog redesign, is to keep in mind what the company blog needs to do. What is the core role of the blog that is on the internet?

You should know that the blog will represent news about the company and it will spread the word about the feature updates. It will help people to succeed, or learn  whether with their profession or with using the product that is marketed on the blog. Also you need to attract new visitors and readers, who may choose to become your future clients or customers.

Create valuable and useful content to help your readers to succeed. This will help the customers to excel in their professional role, and you can use the chance to promote your product as a tool needed to achieve that.
You should use clean design for the blog, in order to make the reading experience more enjoyable. Most of the readers judge the book by its covers, so you need to make sweet package that will keep them on the blog. Out of the opinions of the readers, it is better to read something that has been “designed”, in sense of images, fonts used, colors, line spacing and removing the visual noise. Nobody likes a blog that will get the eyes tired.

Make the content easy to share. “Island” blog is not good solution, because if a reader thinks that some content is useful, they feel the need to share it for other readers to find it too. Also this is another useful article from me about the importance of the company website in general.

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