Raise Above the Noise and Handle Distraction

Raise Above the Noise and Handle Distraction

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raise above the noise

Long ago, there was one conversation brought up, and it went like this: Do you know how to make sense of insanity? The other person responded: No. Then we all heard the great conclusion: You don’t and you can’t, so don’t try – very wise saying that guided me through the years and helped me to raise above the noise.

This is the best conversation I have ever been involved in and I still remember it. There is no reason why you should get distracted from doing what you do, adding energy and time to the crisis and becoming part of the hysteria, but that means those who want your distraction, have won.

Today we have a special strategy that you need to make for this week, it will keep you right on track where you belong, shutting down all the distractions that come in your way.

1. The first thing that you need to do is to shut down or LIMIT ALL distractions that you don’t directly benefit from. Think straight and distinguish the things that you and your family will benefit from, and which are making only damage and nothing else.

2. Start or continue your negativity diet today. You need to give your attention to positive ideas, not to negative. Negative ideas are just waste of time and there is no benefit from them. Build the discipline in order to control your mind and thoughts.

3. Remain positive and productive. Start reading books. It doesn’t matter if they are happy ended or a tragedy, reading always brings the good thoughts in you and it will give you a peace of mind. Surround yourself with positive messages because this is the right way to stay positive and to stay motivated.

“Don’t make sense of things that don’t make sense.” Focus your energy on the things that bring benefit to you, don’t let the media bring you down, raise above the noise.

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