Price Never Closes the Sale: Don’t Fall Victim to It!

Price Never Closes the Sale: Don’t Fall Victim to It!

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price never closes the sale

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This sales training tweak will be all about price, which is the single and biggest part of a product or service that sales people and negotiators fall victim to.

You need to know that no one would buy a price, ever. You need to make this something you live by and you will start making sales. Maybe the price was the only issue, is the common excuse for the sales people, and it is not correct at all. Eliminate this idea, price never closes the sale, lower price is not the reason why buyers close a deal. Even when a buyer is obsessed with “only the price” and claiming that the budget is smaller than that, make the policy of the company that the costumer will pay even more for the solution of his problem. Everyone who is looking for a solution to a great problem, will and must find a way to pay for it. Just give the prospect the correct product or service that they will love, that will solve their problem, and you will get the close, no doubt there. Create confidence about the service or the product, the client must believe in it, show his results based on correct statistics, and convince him that this is the only solution that there is.

While doing this, think about how many times you have paid more than you expected or wanted, and after that you enjoyed at fullest what you paid for.

Remember, Price Never Closes the Sale!

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