Phone: Sales Weapon, Powerful than Social Media and Internet!

Phone: Sales Weapon, Powerful than Social Media and Internet!

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There is a belief, that the phone is the most powerful business, sales weapon ever created. Do you believe in this? People use the phone, every hour of the day, on average. They go on the internet, social media, phone calls, text and all sorts of things in order to communicate to each other. Why not use it to sell and to close deals?

Here are few pointers that you are missing, that cause you to close less sales.

1. Spoken words matter. The customer needs to hear what he wants to hear. If he asks you something and your answer is I don’t know, or I’ll get back to you, he doesn’t want to speak with you again. Keep this in mind when you are talking with a customer on the phone.

2. The time is killer. Sometimes you are in and out from a conversation in just 2 minutes. In these two minutes you need to convince the customer that the product is good, that he needs to trust you with the deal, and to leave good impression so he wants to hear from you again. This is not easy, and the only way to be fast is to be great, not average.

3. Voice inflection and tone on the phone. It is not what you say, than how you say it. There are salespersons that can say anything to the customer and to be able to get away with it, and if other salesperson says the same thing, the customer will hang up the phone in no time. Keep in mind that you need to keep your voice convincible and you need to guide the customer to closing the deal.

Never forget this fact: Phone: Sales Weapon, Powerful than Social Media and Internet Combined! Used by Ninja-Salespersons who want go beyond unreachable!

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