Crafting the Perfect Tweet Technique Guide

Crafting the Perfect Tweet Technique Guide

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perfect tweeter technique

The perfect tweet technique, should be the one that gets a lot of retweets? Favorites? Replies? All in the same order actually. That’s why we have these three tips for you, so that next time you tweet it will the perfect tweet out there.

The perfect tweet technique should be engaging (the tweet itself)

The twitter platform is an open type one, so your tweet may reach millions of users and they should like it and retweet it too. To do so, the tweet needs to be engaging and in good coordination with the trending hashtags, in order to be seen that is. The tweet can be controversial too, because there is a lot of noise on the internet, a lot of different opinions and if your tweet hurts somebody or agrees with somebody, you are on a good path with tweeting.

It references the current trends in a smart, relevant way

The trending tweets should be analyzed and you should learn from them. Check out how the person used the trend to make its tweet separate from the others and get a lot of likes. You should be able to reference your tweet with the current trend in a smart relevant way, so it will be seen from many people on tweeter.

The tweet should include a visual too

The lowest engagement got the tweets with hashtags only, and the highest the twits with images and URLs. That’s why you should always add an appropriate image relevant to the content that you are sharing together with the URL that you want to promote.

We will give you a few bonus tips that will make it even easier for you. You should optimize the site so it loads quickly, there should always be a “tweet this quote” button right next to the content and the Twitter Cards should be used at all times.

Master the perfect tweet technique and expand fast! Here is one example:

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