Mentoring is Good but Your Best Teachers Are Around You!

Mentoring is Good but Your Best Teachers Are Around You!

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Mentoring is Good but Your Best Teachers Are Around You

Aid and assistance from others cannot help you to find your life-calling. Every story of success is really a story of community, where some people will help you willingly, and some will contribute by accident. You need to recognize those and to learn from them, and if you are wise you can use them all. Don’t get me wrong, mentoring is a crucial particle from success, but with these tips you will learn to expand above it.

Designing your own apprenticeship. Being invited to a group to discuss business and life at the same time is the best thing, because you can exchange situations and solutions for maybe the same problems. Here are some helping tips to find the apprenticeship group that might fit your needs:

Decide what you want to learn. Be specific as possible with this step, listen to your life and pay attention to what he is saying. Get clear on this, connect with people and start sharing similar happenings and situations.

Identify a community you can learn from. Looking for a single mentor is good, but it is better to find a group of mentors. That is how you will learn from more sources and get better answers.

Use the resources of the group to help everyone reach their goals. If the group that you have decided to see, is not gathering the members at one place, then it is your job to do it. Help everyone to understand what each member has to bring to the table, and make sure that you encourage them to share their talents as well. This is addressed to the rule where we say, don’t miss where you are right now, because maybe the answers and hints are right in front of you and you need to recognize them in all their forms.

If you follow these tips you will raise above mentoring and you will find the real meaning of it!

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