Master Facebook Targeting, Become Better Advertiser

Master Facebook Targeting, Become Better Advertiser

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I will admit, from my so far experience, Facebook is the best place to target people and for me that were the best spent money on marketing. Facebook is all about targeting the market because they have the complete statistics of what people want to see and what they want to buy.

After you have located the target and you have the product ready, it’s time to put the money on the table and start advertising. But keep in mind these important things when creating Ad and targeting people with Facebook.

Don’t boost the post. This action will make you put your money on paper airplane and send it in the sky and wait for the money to return. There is always a boost post button on the page, and Facebook wants you to spend your money on them. If boosting of the post is not profitable, Facebook is not responsible for that. I’ll say it simple, it’s too risky to go all in with one post and expect to win the audience trust. People nowadays have seen a lot, are more experienced and do research for what are they going to spent their money!

Don’t target too broadly. Narrow down your audience and target there, don’t waste your money on being too broad.

Do not make the Ad about you or your product/program/service. It is better to convince the audience to click the ad and see the full content of it. On that way it will perform a lot better and you will drive traffic to the website.

Do not copy other ads that you see on Facebook. Being a copy is the worst thing that can happen to your ad. Nobody likes to see same ads twice, or same ads about different products. Instead of copying, you should get creative and make the perfect design for the ad which will attract the people to click on it and see the full content.

Here is one example for narrow target audience. This ad was tested at Helsinki area and for 100$ budget reached 20.500 of potential 100.000 and received 177 clicks. Obviously there were targeted startup companies which is very narrow target audience. Here you can see the landing page were the visitors were landing. We will cover more about the structure of a successful landing page in some other article.


Knowledge is power folks. If you master Facebook targeting, and master each other tool you are using in your professional career as online marketer, you can easily sell and reach thousands of people and generate sustainable income!

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