Marketing Tips from Taylor Swift Said to be Millennial

Marketing Tips from Taylor Swift Said to be Millennial

Marketing Tips From Taylor Swift

Last year has been great for Taylor Swift as she made as much as $4 million out of one show. Now we have 3 marketing tips from Taylor Swift that are millennial.

Marketing tips from Taylor Swift:

  1. Use FOMO for good

FOMO or known as “fear of missing out” can be used for good or for bad. If too used than it goes bad and nothing comes back from there. Creating a limited edition products is a good way to start a community among the customers but if the edition is unreasonably inaccessible then hard feelings are taken. Taylor has used FOMO for selling her CDs. Every CD contains pictures of Taylor that have never been released on the net and that what makes the customer feel valued.

  1. Take the time to appreciate your consumers

Taylor is known for her connection with the fans. She even invited 89 customers or fans as you wish, to her home to listen to her music even before it was published to give some feedback. That makes a strong bond and after these people will talk about the hospitality more and more will like her too. The customer must feel like he is your friend too, that is how you build trust in them and they will look for your products in the store again and again.

  1. Create special experience

Taylor Swift has made the tour of her career last year when she had more than 50 guests starts invited to many of her concerts. That is what creates special experience and you should try to copy the step of Taylor. Creating a screening presentation where a known face is shown with your product or brand is a good start, invite-only game nights or family events are also great ideas that can be used for creating special experience.

After learning these marketing tips from Taylor Swift you can see how she promoted her and her CDs and copying the steps is the best thing to do.

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