How to Make Money Online – The Basics

How to Make Money Online – The Basics

Make Money Online

Who doesn’t like to make money online? There is no person on the net that is not wishing that or hasn’t tried some of the services for making money online. Well now the time has come to reveal the basics of it and to understand the better ways. There are always better ways but it is good to read something about it and don’t fall into the most of the illusions that are created on the net.

Five basics to make money online:

  1. Spend time getting feedback on what you’re selling before launching

The feedback that you are getting from your family and friends is probably not reliable because they are emotionally attached to you and they will not say things like “this sucks”. That’s why it is good to take a product evaluation from the customers that are not in your social circle and then find out how the product quotes from the rest. Then it is time to go to Kickstarter or Indiegogo which are pages where projects are placed and searching for investors.

  1. Have a website

Leaving a footprint online is great and having a website is great for making money online. There are free themes that can be added from WooComerce that will help you with that. Register the domain name and the best solution for content friendly and reliable service is WordPress. Shopify is great for building an online store too, maybe the best one.

  1. Know your competition and customers

Google Alerts is great and Google Trends too in order to get to know the competition and learn from them too. Visit some of the product related sites to see how they are doing it and maybe you can copy some of their strategy.

  1. Create an action plan for sales and marketing

Action plan is a must for making the first million. For this you can take the Facebook ads that are not expensive (starts at $1) and for the mail MailChimp is good. For products Facebook is the best and for services try LinkedIn better.

  1. Do as much yourself as you can

Doing all the work by yourself is the best because the money will come only to you. You will not have to pay anyone else a share and all benefit will come only in your account. Don’t farm out the jobs that you can do yourself, at least not at the beginning.

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