Make Instant Business Connection with Everyone You Meet

Make Instant Business Connection with Everyone You Meet

make instant business connection

Every day we meet new people, and from our starting sentences and our habits depend whether we will make connection with the person we meet or not. That’s why we have to show you 5 ways to make instant business connection with everyone you meet:

1. The human brain picks up on subtle cues

When a person talks, the subconscious is looking for signs whether the people find the conversation interesting, or the person who is talking will get embarrassed. This is a defense mechanism and it will look for any kind of sign, like body language, gestures or eye contact.

You need to be aware how you listen to others, and don’t get distracted while having conversation at any time.

2. Don’t relate everything to you

While in conversation, and someone is talking, the good thing to do is to let them have the stage. Interrupting a conversation, or interrupting a person who is speaking is frustrating and maybe the person will avoid having conversation with you in the future.

3. Watch for filler comments

Filler comments are words used to show to the other person that you are actually listening, while you are not. These words often are “yeah”, or “interesting” or “oh cool”, and you need to be aware of these words.

4. Don’t pretend like you know everything

Taking and listening to advice can be hard for leaders, but you need to admit sometimes that about that particular field you don’t know enough and that you would like to hear more about it. That’s how the person will like you, he will try to teach you something with pride in their speech.

5. Plan ahead

If you tend to freeze in the middle of the conversation, you need to think about the questions that you will be asking and practice them in your mind. You will be more relaxed in the upcoming conversation and be more comfortable in it.

Remember these topics and practice them. Only with drilling you can succeed more in life and make instant business connection which is worth having it.

Life is a game gentlemen, if you master it you can rule it!

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