LinkedIn is All About Marketing: Monetize Your Presence

LinkedIn is All About Marketing: Monetize Your Presence

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LinkedIn is all about marketing

LinkedIn is all about marketing (personal & professional) and putting your marketing skills into action. Here are five simple rules that will help you to monetize your great LinkedIn presence:

1. Know your brand

Nobody likes a product without a brand. Choose whatever you do is the best that you do, and start building a brand on it so people will know what field is your expertize. Make the brand reliable, if something you are asked to do, you are not an expert there, just recommend somebody else.

2. Develop your story

Your profile should say all about you and what you can do. You have got to keep it interesting as well, boring profiles with no ideas on it will not make any money soon.

3. Use your phone

But we mean use your phone for talking to the potential clients, don’t just send messages because you are wasting time and maybe the client will change their mind while reading your long messages. On the phone, talking with the client is the best way to earn money.

4. Write articles

Conducting a business means convincing the customer that they need your product and they need to pay for it. Without any articles written, you cannot reach out to the potential clients. Also you need to comment and like other articles, so that the people see you and visit your profile as well.

5. Contribute Daily

This means that you need to join groups with the same interests as yours and you need to share information or solutions to the problems that somebody has. That is how the people will reach out to you and ask for your professional service and be willing to pay for that.

This can also apply to other social media networks.

Consider this: Your social media presence is a valuable opportunity. Start networking today and promote yourself. Either on LinkedIn or on the other major social media platforms is how you will sell yourself!

If you still don’t have LinkedIn account then now is the moment to open it.

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