Inspire Yourself, Don’t Wait For It to Come

Inspire Yourself, Don’t Wait For It to Come

Inspire Yourself

Doing the best work that you can is not an easy thing to do and you must inspire yourself in order to continue to do it and to succeed too. Sometimes we are doing a worse job and only a shot of inspiration is needed to numb the pain and to get us going as we started before. That’s why waiting for inspiration to strike is not the best option that you have and it is not the best thing that you can do.

The world is addicted to motivation and inspiration. Just take a look at the Instagram or the YouTube posts and videos. It will become clear to you that every person is searching for his own inspiration and motivation that should get through him and get him in the mind state that he wants to be.

Watching some video on YouTube can inspire you too, then when you start working on something on your own you will say to yourself “Oh I have seen this, it really inspires”. Even if you don’t do anything with the feeling, to feel the motivation in you will make you feel more alive.

Depending on the inspiration to strike is the worst thing. You get the illusion that the inspiration comes from somewhere and you have to wait for it. This is so not true and it will make you laze and you will depend on it. And it will come more rarely as you wait it. Inspiration is everywhere, just looking at a glass of water it might inspire you, so don’t just wait for it, inspire yourself.

Inspire yourself, in you the inspiration is!

Zig Ziglar once said that motivation is like bathing — useful, but required daily, also you need to inspire yourself daily too. Maybe you are thinking of doing something but then you are not inspired enough. Well nothing ever gets done in that way and everythin wil stay as it was, because once again you are depending on the striking inspiration. Instead of taking your step you just wait for it.

It is a real struggle to make something happen in this world, and if you are not planning to leave it any time soon than you better start thinking about what we have said before and start taking some action. All the struggle in this world is to make something happen that will do good for everybody, but sitting at home convenient home and waiting for a crumble of inspiration to strike will not do good for anybody, especially for you. Many writers have ended their careers on waiting for inspiration, and they didn’t get it, because maybe they just gave up and they were satisfied with what they have done before.

But not you, you are young and there is a lot of inspiration inside you, that is waiting to be exploited and used for creating something special and good that will serve you for life.

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