Inseparable Twins: Design and Marketing!

Inseparable Twins: Design and Marketing!

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When a professional performs at high level and strives to help as much as possible to his clients he strives to make them understand all of the aspects of their online presence. There are few major factors that are crucial for each business which wants to find its path on the global digital scene: in-depth strong concept, strong copyright and extraordinary world-class design!

Only with applying these factors, client’s online presence will be outstanding and it will raise above the noise.

It is true that each client will closely watch the stats and how you perform for them and how you are helping them to achieve higher ROI. If they aren’t achieving the expected ROI you will meet pushback and believe me you don’t want to experience that.

As a marketing or advertising professional we should be aware and point to our clients that the design is critical to get attention and results. You have a lot of examples around you and probably each day you are landing on websites with not so fancy design. Look from that viewpoint because the people are tired of unprofessionalism and bad service. They will expect what will see!

If you really want to help your client than you should pay attention to bring him the big picture.

Explain them that the design communicates the brand!

What are the online campaigns? What is their purpose? The answer of these questions is this: They are the critical element which will transform your visitors and the newly gained to trust you brand. More after they will guide them to the very process of buying from you.

How this can be achieved? It’s simple, only with design that communicates your brand! Every piece which is planned to leave your office and reach your audience should have the same design and communicate the same brand and message. On that way you will put the design working for you and you will raise the brand awareness.

How you will look in your audience eyes? Aligned design on all your platforms (your website design, social media pictures and covers, promotional materials etc.) will demonstrate volume and professionalism and it will position your or your client’s company on a high level in your market industry.

Strong world-class design is raising the visibility!

No matter how good your offers are written or how honest they are, only a good design will captivate visitor’s attention which will result in more sales. It is very important to consider the psychological impact of the design, how your visitors or target audience is comparing with it, how the design is helping them to forget their needs and focus them on their wants… If you have a good designer’s team behind with your help they can easily achieve what you want to accomplish.

What we can conclude from this article?

First, if you have strong in-depth concept supported by strong copyright and world-class design you can expect fast growth of your brand.

Next time when you are planning to hire a marketing professional or a design agency make sure they understand the importance and the bound between design and marketing and they educate you on various aspects of the creative process.

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