Improve Sleeping by Enhancing Your Dreams

Improve Sleeping by Enhancing Your Dreams

improve sleeping by enhancing your dreams

Woke up by the alarm at the best dream ever, has happened to everybody. It’s not so pleasant morning surprise but the day duties must be done. I know from personal experience a nightmare can exhaust you and during the day you will feel lack of energy, will and enthusiasm. You thought that nothing can be done to change that, but I have eight tips which will improve sleeping by enhancing your dreams.

8 tips to improve sleeping by enhancing your dreams:

1. Give your melatonin levels a boost.

Melatonin in our body creates dreams and you need to increase the level of it. There are few ways to do it, like having a tight sleeping schedule that will trigger the “internal clock: for sleeping, or eat foods that increase melatonin levels like white and black mustard, sunflower seeds cherries and flax seeds.

2. Start a dream journal

Keep a journal next to your bed and after dreaming immediately write down the dream. After only few, you will see a pattern there and it will become easy to remember them and the intensity might increase.

3. Get a good night’s rest

The more you sleep, more rest you get and you need to create the perfect conditions for that too. Ideal temperature range for the room is from  60 to 67 degrees and try to maintain it.

4. Reduce stimulants

Experts recommend zero screens in the sleeping room, so no tvs no phones and no computers running in the background that will draw your attention.

5. Change your body position

Sleeping on your stomach will give you wilder and positive dreams and sleeping on your back will interrupt dreams by snoring.

6. Relax before bed time

Take 10 minutes of meditation in a darker and quiet room, focus on the breathing and for sure you will get better sleep.

7. Tell yourself that you’re going to dream

Repeat the phrase “I will know I’m dreaming.” Few times before sleep it will convince you that you will dream and after you do write the dream in the journal that you keep next to the bed.

8. Try the ‘wake back’ method

This method means set your alarm to ring after five hours of sleep and then try to fall asleep again. Then you will have lucid dreams and keep in mind to remember them.

It will cost you nothing to try these eight tips to improve sleeping by enhancing your dreams but you will feel the benefits instantly.

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