How to Really Make Money Online and Ensure Stable Income Flow

How to Really Make Money Online and Ensure Stable Income Flow

really make money online

Before I start this article and dig deeper into the subject I want to tell you that you can really make money online and ensure stable income but you need to invest in order to make it happen. Think on this way, if you want to open a store you need to rent space, buy supplies so the process of sales can start. Of course the expenses are not stopping here because you need to invest even more in promotion to reach to more potential customers.

On the internet you also need to make an investment to establish your online presence, to ensure that you stand out of the crowd, but this investment is less than the regular or old fashion business investment.

There are a lot gurus, teachers who are pretending to be the experts who know the secret formula to over night success. Remember this, there isn’t such a shortcut who can ensure you huge success and income over night like $3K in three days! This is possible only with hard work and lot of commitment.

That’s why you can see a lot of people who entered this business with huge enthusiasm, paid someone to put them on the secret shortcut path failed quick. There is nothing wrong to expect success and huge results, but you should know your strengths. Once you’ve start you will see that there is a lot more to be learned and what you knew from before is just a small fragment of the matter.

Now, let’s start!

First you need to get yourself sold on the idea that you can really make money online and ensure stable income. Once you’ve sold to this idea enter sky’s the limit mindset because on the internet the possibilities are huge, extremely huge! Please, don’t let your own thoughts and fears destroy your enthusiasm.

Next, don’t just build ideas, create problem solver solutions. An idea which cannot solve a problem or make living better isn’t the real one. Find a problem that your idea can solve it. Commit to that problem and brainstorm about the possible solutions for it. For example some people find difficult to locate a good travel agency or find their holiday of dream’s place. What you can do about this problem?

Maybe start blogging and research for good and inexpensive places. How you can monetize it? There are a lot of ways like Google Ads or alternatives, affiliates from or even some airlines companies. If you can reach a wide audience and receive a lot of visitors on your blog/website the possibility that you can sell their services is big. In return you will have good commission.

Sounds good isn’t it?

But from where to start and make this ideal scene a reality? First you need to buy a domain. But even before that you need to brainstorm about the name and try and research a lot of names on Google. The chances that almost 90% are taken but you shouldn’t quit here. Find a long and easy to remember name, myperfectholiday.(extension) dreamholidayplaces.(extension), (I didn’t check these names, these are just for example). Check on the Google Keyword Planner how many searches these name receive on monthly basis. If it receives over 100K searches than you are moving in the right direction.

Once you’ve located your perfect domain name visit and create your account in order to buy the name. You can chose them as hosting partners too because they are really good and cheap. I have good experience with them, they answer fast on the support questions and that’s all you need when you’ll start the development on your own website.

It is important to consider the costs related to the hosting because soon you will grow the visits and you need to upgrade your hosting plan, maybe twice in the first year to keep the website live for all the visitors and with is really easy.

This is half of the first step!

Next you need to find related keywords to your domain name and idea (For ex. summer holiday, Barcelona holiday, summer vacation destination etc.), at least 500! Believe me you’ll need these and you’ll need to include it in your posts, pages…

Now, let’s choose the platform for your website.

I will suggest to go with WordPress (this blog is also built on WordPress) because there are a lot of free themes and plugins, huge support from the community and it is SEO friendly (SEO – Search Engine Optimization, the keyword I was previously talking about if you want to appear in Google Search Results).

If you decide to go with WordPress and you should because it is used from many successful bloggers and marketers to really make money online, this is the right course for you. 8.5 hours in video lectures.

WordPress for Beginners – A complete guide to WordPress!

Covers the latest version of WordPress (4.x), installing the script on a web host and setting up a website.

On short this is what you get with this course:

  • Over 75 lectures and 8.5 hours of content!
  • This course will teach anyone to build a function, beautiful website with WordPress.
  • Build a WordPress website
  • Understand the main features of WordPress
  • Know how to configure WordPress for best results
  • Understand plugins & themes and how to find/install them
  • Protect their WordPress website from hackers and spammers
  • Create an affiliate site for passive, recurring income
  • Build websites for profit or fun.
  • Create a Responsive Website that looks good on any browser

really make money online

After you master the website and get even more ideas about which niche you should put yourself in it is good to understand the SEO optimization and its fundamentals. If you want to rank and receive organic traffic and really make money online than your website should have stunning result on websites like Pingdom and GTMetrix (load time, browser caching etc.).

To achieve that, you should learn how to optimize your website and get the most of it. I found another course I took and the results after the course were obvious on the increased earnings on my accounts.

With this course you will learn the practical white-hat SEO strategies to rank your keywords in Google faster. Know each Search Engine Optimization tip & component to bring your website on the 1st Page on Google. Bring more visitors to your websites/blogs to get more customers. This course is completely for beginners and intermediate users. You’ll get 13.5 hours of comprehensive video lectures which will additionally expand your knowledge and open your horizons.

This is what you exactly get with this course:

  • Over 109 lectures and 13.5 hours of content!
  • Find Your Targeted Audience – Where They Are – What They Do & What They Are Looking For
  • Do a Deep & Comprehensive Keyword Research to Find the Worth of the Keyword and the Topic
  • Learn Step by Step On-Page Optimization For Your Websites, It’s Pages & Single Articles
  • Learn Step by Step Off-Page Optimization to Submit Your Website to Search Engines, So They Can
  • Discover it Easily
  • Create a Massive Amount of Natural Backlinks for Your Website Very Easily Using Simple Methods
  • Use Advance Techniques to Create Thousands of Backlinks within a Short Period of Time Legally
  • Learn About Google Algorithms Panda & Penguin – Recover Your Website From Penguin & Panda
  • Learn All Working SEO Tools to Get Ideas about the SEO Progress & Work Flow

really make money online

Once you’ve setup everything, your website is live and fully optimized with good business model you start the promotion. You might learn some of the fundamentals in these courses but that is huge matter which need to be explored.

You should start build your network, create your business Facebook page and invite your friends to like it. Tell your closest friends to invite theirs and keep doing that, spread the word. Start adding groups on Facebook related to your marketing niche and share your content there.

Next create a Twitter account, buy a cheap service to schedule your tweets there and tweet at least 20 times per day with hot hashtags. Re-tweet from your personal Twitter.

Next create your Google+ page and start posting links there, Google will appreciate if you share on their social platform and rank better your posts. You can also add similar communities to your business and share your posts/offers there. Engage with them, ask questions, share visual content (this is the golden rule for social media success).

You can read more about social media marketing and how to monetize your social media presence here: 17 Proven Strategies To Get More Clients With Social Media and LinkedIn Is All About Marketing: Monetize Your Presence. Also you should always follow the social media trends because in that world constantly is happening something: Social Media Marketing Has Changed: 5 Upcoming Trends For 2016.

There are a lot of useful tips and motivational stories which will keep you grounded and committed to what you are striving for.

Before I end this article and want to tell you that if you sum the price for the courses and buy a domain and hosting plan it won’t cost you more than $500. This is one time only investment which if you compare to some other traditional business investment is nothing.

But it doesn’t matter how much you will pay, you know, it’s about how much time you plan to invest to really make money online and ensure stable income flow. That will make the difference, the commitment and the efforts you will invest to make this happen.

I wish you good luck on your journey, stay strong and do whatever it takes to commit yourself to greatness and raise above the noise.

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