How to Power Up Through the Day without any Sleep at All

How to Power Up Through the Day without any Sleep at All

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How to Power up Through the Day without any Sleep at All

Good night’s sleep is very important and we all know that, but sometimes we don’t sleep at night at all and we expect to be fresh for the next day. It will never be the same as we slept, because lack of sleep can cause anxiety and affect our ability to process information and that will contribute for low level productivity.
We have some advice for you, how to power up through the day without any sleep at all.

First you need to open the curtains wide. Steve Orma, clinical psychologist says “Sunlight will decrease the release of melatonin, a hormone that makes us sleepy”. With sunlight you will kick-start your day, and be able to go all the way through. To fight with the sleepy feeling, try to work next to a window or it will help to take frequent breaks to get outdoors.

Taking a cold shower. Cold water may be not a good feeling for you, but if you shower for one minute with cold water, adrenaline gets released in your body and that will get your nerves ready for the day.
Next step is to breathe. There is a technique for breathing that has shown good results in days like this. Breathe in slowly through your nose for five seconds and then exhale through your mouth for two. Just repeat this technique for five times and your heart rate will go up and down few times. This is good for the body.

Take small meals through the day. Eating large quantity of food will make you even sleepier.
Power up with protein. These snacks called “pick me up snack” can be Greek yogurt, eggs or a meat sized like your palm of the hand are healthy options.

Too much coffee is not good for you. Caffeine will make you feel anxious rather than focused.

You can also take a look on this interesting schedule and organize your time for work and sleep.

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