How to Make Your First Million: Forget Everything You Learned So Far!

How to Make Your First Million: Forget Everything You Learned So Far!

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how to make your first million

Keep in mind that you are never alone, I want to get your head in the right mindset and help you how to make your first million.

1. It has never been easier. There are loads of money in the world, waiting to be “taken” by somebody who knows how to run business and knows how to introduce the business to the world. It is not hard at all, it is easy, make your company known to the public and your products as well, work hard for better ones always. If not, you can see it from this angle, if you make $50k per year times 20 makes it $1 million.

2. Saving will not work. The old thinking that if you save everything you make will get you rich, is not true at all today. Saving $5 dollars a day will get you $70k until you are old, and we want millions right?

3. Live below your means. You should always live below the money that you are making, this is true. Not that you are depriving yourself, but we are seeking to bank millions. Nobody will do business with you because of the suit, the wrist watch or the car you drive. Live below your means until the time that you don’t have to anymore.

4. Tax angles – Learning the tax code and use it for your advantage. I’m not saying to make it illegal, make the system work for you. Don’t complain about the taxes and learn how they can work for you. Reducing the tax bill means making more money. If you learn the code correctly, reducing the tax bill will be very easy for you. You will start making more money and you will get surrounded by the people you have always liked.

Ultimately, life is game! Learn the rules and master it! 

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