How to Hire the Right People for Your Startup

How to Hire the Right People for Your Startup

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How to hire the right people for your startup

Your business started to grow and you realize that you need more people to work in your startup company in order to finish the loads of work. This is a good sign and it means that your business is growing. Many startup owners are scared of a bad hire, and we have 4 strategies to avoid this.

We found 4 simple strategies how to hire the right people for your startup:

1. Recruiting in the right places

Don’t go out on the giant carrier sites and post the position there. You will need to dig deeper in order to find the better worker for you. Post the position on your website and on your LinkedIn account so your connections can spread the word.

2. Company’s core values must be remembered while hiring

Before hiring, identify your company’s core values, like hard work, dedication, team working and attention to details. Now you are ready to look for new employees that have these strengths, and it will be much easier for you to pick the right ones.

3. Ask behavioral questions

Ask these questions in order to find out how they will manage their work and how they will behave if there are intense situations at the work place. The sample questions may be:
How do you prioritize your work on a daily basis or what made you angry at work last month?
Thru these questions you will learn more about the candidate than the CV that he provided.

4. Make quick moves

Good candidates are getting offers all the time, and if you drag your feet you will lose the good ones. If you think that the candidate will do good for your business don’t wait until last minute to make an offer. Also make it such a complex action, keep it simple. Stick to you needs and conditions and act fast.

If you have time you should read this book “Hiring for attitude: A Revolutionary Approach to Recruiting and Selecting People with Both Tremendous Skills and Superb Attitude, by Mark Murphy”, it will widen your hiring horizons and skills.

So, good luck with you next hire!

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