Get Over the Client Who Hurts Your Feelings

Get Over the Client Who Hurts Your Feelings

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Get Over the Client Who Hurts Your Feelings

Imagine this situation, where a client needed a promotion for a product and he hired some company to host it. That company had designers working on the project, and as you know, they needed pictures of the product in order to place them in the advertisement. The client was putting off the pictures on the side, and after one month the company told the designers to work on other projects. Then he said that he already posted the event on Facebook, and it was a week ahead of them, with no time to prepare. Then he started to shout and clearly nervous told them things that are very bad to mentioned here.

That’s why we have four steps to get over the client who hurts your feelings.

1. Be aware of potential conflicts and try to stop them as early as possible

It is better to be explanatory than apologetic. Explain the correct situation with the correct words and don’t make the customer angry in the first place.

2. Find someone to talk to

If in any case it comes to conflict with your client, don’t try to deal with it by yourself. Take the phone and call a friend or a partner, explain the situation and you will have the support needed. This will make you feel better immediately.

3. Join a community that is talking about these kinds of problems

Sharing the problem and the reason why it came to conflict with the client, with people who had these situations before, will give you some peace of mind and help you deal with the problem a little bit easier.

4. Take a deep breathe

After the conflict with the client, no matter how it ended, just lie down on the sofa for five or ten minutes and just breathe. Oxygen will make you think clearly and you will think on the bright side.

I can give credits myself for the amazing company culture we developed in Snowbot. Simply we define everything on the beginning even in the free consultation phase, where we brainstorm together with the client in order to define exact needs and over-deliver the product.

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