Fear Alone Cannot Hurt You If You Push Harder

Fear Alone Cannot Hurt You If You Push Harder

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Fear Alone Cannot Hurt You

Here, we have a confession from one of man, who says that fear alone cannot hurt you. Maybe this is true, but judging by his story, maybe we can beg the different. He was sitting in the airplane window, and as the plane took off, he felt like: “This is it, I’ll never go home again.”

Not that he will not visit, but the new place felt so much better than the home where he actually grew up in. He was going in the birth place when his mother died, and on the way, somehow he knew that this is the last chapter in that place. The home away from there was more comfortable and cozy, that he will never leave that place ever again.

Becoming successful drove him in his life. He always had the image of his parents in his mind, whether he was doing a presentation of a new product, or conducting advertisements for his company. He always thought how they would be proud to see him right there. But the fear, the fear was always there, as he struggled in the corporate ladder up and only up. Even when he was all alone he didn’t allow the fear to beat him permanently. He had ups and downs, but he always managed to continue and push even harder.

It doesn’t matter of what your fear is, you need to fight with it. If you let the fear consume your mind and your thoughts, then you are finished. Sometimes the fear is telling us that this is not our comfort zone and we need to run away, but again fight it and prove to your mind that you are where you want to be and the fear will be past.

Don’t be afraid to face your destiny, we are all followed by destiny, master your courage and know that fear alone cannot hurt you.

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