Fast Growth Strategies to Increase App Downloads

Fast Growth Strategies to Increase App Downloads

Fast Growth Strategies

The app stores are the best way to make some money and fast growth strategies are needed in order to increase your app downloads. The prices for the iOS apps have grown for 40% and for the Android apps they rose for 101%. Now these are stunning growth number for year to year and marketing looks better and better.

Here are the 5 Fast Growth Strategies to increase your app downloads:

  1. Paid-to-free campaign

This is a campaign that is one of the best fast growing strategies and it worked in so many cases. For those who don’t know this is a campaign where you give the paid app for free for a limited time on the market. Then there will be a downloading frenzy for your app. If you already have a free app then make something available for free in the in-app purchases, like a free race track for the game or something.

  1. App store optimization (ASO)

Targeting relevant keywords that are most searched in the app store is the best way to go. ASO will make you app pop to the top of the search results to the user and will drive downloads and traffic. ASO is same like the SEO for the websites. The app store needs to index your app and if it scores good it will be on the top of the search list. So take your time and search for the most common searched words in the app store and choose the name carefully for your app.

  1. Localization

There are 28 regions in the app store because every user is most likely to search a keyword in his own native language. That’s why you should take your time and localize the app. Who knows to whom your app will be useful to and who might find your app. Localization is a step that should not be skipped when developing an app because it will drive more downloads.

  1. The exclusive strategy for public relations

Public relations is a huge factor and rule in the fast growth strategies and it should be taken seriously. Giving the exclusive rights to a website to write about your app launch will do well for everybody. The site that announces first the news will get backlinks and traffic and you will get more downloads. Win win situation for both sides.

  1. App store feature hack

This is a great hack that sometimes actually works surprisingly well. All you need to do is to find one manager at the apple app store and send him your link of the app. LinkedIn is a great way to start and you can use the Chrome Email Hunter which will reveal the e-mail of the user. Educated guess is good enough, send his the link and sometimes it does bounce back.

Now that you know the fast growth strategies start using them on large scales, they do work.

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