Embrace Critics and Appreciate Honest Opinions

Embrace Critics and Appreciate Honest Opinions

embrace critics

We need to thank anybody who gave us honest opinion, without condescending. Honest opinions are a marker in life, where have our path taken us, and placed on a chart. Don’t be EGO driven and offend yourself because many of the honest opinions you get are from people who appreciate you and want to help you! The best advice I can give you is to embrace critics and appreciate honest opinions. On that way you will gain personal growth as every intelligent individual and you can recover quickly from any unwanted situation.

Here are the main three reasons to embrace critics and appreciate opinions are:

1. You will gain personal growth.

There is no growth If there is steady rhythm in life. Steady rhythm is making us lazy and not aware of the downfall that we are following. We grow when there is a slight danger, and critics tend to create it. But critics also remind us that we have succeeded, if we are not successful, nobody would want to criticize us.  Keep in mind that you need to learn from the critics, not to take them as offence.

2. Resilience: Recover Quickly.

Resilience is strengthened by the attacker. Critics are doing us favors when they attack us, they are telling us our week points and where we need to grow. They make us feel a lot of pain while going on the way to success, often attacked in the business or in the personal life, we keep on going and never quitting. Thank the critics for increasing our resilience to attack.

3. Advancement.

After taking the hard words of the critics, every successful entrepreneur will sit down and think about them. What made the critics say that and how can that be avoided for the future. Many entrepreneurs are coming on the big gate after facing the critics, learning from them and making radical changes in the business and in the personal life. Think about life and about the career, think about the hardest attack that you have taken, and how stronger this attack made you. That’s why we need to thank the critics, the haters and the naysayers, for the positive impact they had on us and on our lives.

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