Double The Downloads Using App Store Optimization (ASO)

Double The Downloads Using App Store Optimization (ASO)

Double the downloads
Double the downloads

Double the downloads using the ASO (App Store Optimization) is the topic that will be thought through this course. App store optimization works the same way as the SEO. Only the ASO is for the mobile apps market and SEO is for sites, the intention is the same though, more traffic and double the downloads on the mobile store. Many designers and developers will tell you that good ranking on the chart list of the mobile app store is the way to go.

This is the ranking that will bring more downloads for your app and more money to your account. When your app is ranked in the top five, it means that the app is reliable and it has only good feedback. When a user is searching for an app, he looks only at the first four or five on the search results, and if your app is not up there then the chance that your app will be downloaded is very small. That’s why in this course there is a step by step learning that will teach you how to double the downloads using ASO as a marketing tool for your app.

Being top ranked in the mobile store is a huge deal, it will drive more traffic and more downloads for your app, so the ASO is very important here, as there are millions of apps in the store and only five get to be on the top. When the app is marketed with the ASO, then it will be given in the top results from the search engine, same as the SEO websites.

If it is not ASO ranked, then the app will be somewhere in the second page of the search results. Being found more easily by the users of the app store will do so much good for you and for your app too.

There two most important optimizations that can be done on a ASO app, and one of them is the “keyword optimization”. This means that the name of the app should be similar to the most search keywords on the app store. If you go and make an app with a name that nobody searches for, then it is doomed to fail right from the start of its life.

The founder and the teacher in this course, named Steve P. Young has increased the download number of his app for about 277%, which is amazing. He used the steps that are explained inside the course, he made his app ASO friendly and it got ranked up high, then you know what happens.

To take this course from you is required to pay close attention to the content, what is being said there and to use it on your own app.

Excel will be necessary and a mobile app on the app store also, so that you can implement the knowledge right on the go.

Here are few more tips to learn how to do the marketing properly.

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