Divide Your Sale into 5 Segments If You Want to Close!

Divide Your Sale into 5 Segments If You Want to Close!

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divide your sale into 5 segments

I’m pleased to see interest into these sales articles, and we see some mediocre attitudes, but also I see true character and honest intent. I’m also reminded about how much daily training is needed to keep your head in the game, ruling the game of success. These weekly training tweaks are giving the perfect opportunity to bring your attention back to your true intention, being massively successful.

There is one way of succeeding and that is to over promise, deliver and constantly push yourself, build a volcano around yourself with lava rupturing so hot that even the competitors will watch with amazement. It doesn’t matter what day of the week is, you are not going to achieve that massive level of success without working hard to dominate your industry.

Most of the sales people ask more than once for close in the presentation, they ask after the presentation as well. This is a simple tweak, keep on asking during and after the presentation, while creating the perfect opportunities for it.

If you divide your sale into 5 segments, you will allow the audience to watch, to react on the information that you give to them, and you will know when they had enough. When a sales person finishes with half of the presentation, he should create the opportunity to ask, if the audience have made their choice yet, are they ready to buy? In 80% of the cases the deals were closed faster than the others. In other cases, the audience needed a little more information to get them into the buying mood, where the sales person needs to continue with the presentation, and try to convince them into the product and the company. Works like a charm.

This lesson I learned from Grant Cardone!


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