Daymond John: Use the Power of Broke to Build Up Your Business

Daymond John: Use the Power of Broke to Build Up Your Business

Daymond John power of broke

Daymond John: Use the Power of Broke to Build Your Business

This is probably the all-time favorite in the entrepreneurial world, because Daymond John will talk about using the power of broke to build up your business. Daymond is a successful business man with outstading performance and even invites from the White House too. He has a lot to teach us.

Daymond John started his own business when he was 6 years old. Now that is and age that most children just want to play some ball. But not John, he bought a box of pencils for low price and then he sold them one by one in front of his school. He has found a flaw in the school, there were nowhere pencils to be bought. So he managed to make money from that box of pencils and he didn’t stop there.

Widening his business he is known also to own very successful businesses and he made some of them big brands too. Like the FUBU brand that he managed to develop while he was very young and now he is making too much money out of it.

The school of greatness is one series on the radio where the host gets to sit down with the biggest sharks in the business and try to get some answers out of them. Learning from them is the best thing that you can do, follow the successful and do what they are doing. That is why this episode of the school of greatness will teach you a lot, where Daymond John will talk about his path to the rich state, how he manages to live freely when he has so much work to do and how he is doing it all.

Shark Tank hired John to be their current entrepreneurial advisor, this is quite an achievement for one man and he lives his life at fullest. He is full of confidence and he never backs down. These are the things that one entrepreneur must have, never backing down from anything, sticking to the decision that you have made and trying to make some money out of it. Also being successful means that you need to be responsible too, as Daymond John says. Irresponsible people are not likely to become famous or rich, because they are always avoiding to get things done and that is setting them back.

The host of the School of Greatness is so thrilled to have this man as a guest and we all are. He could teach us so many things in just one interview and we are not going to miss this.

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