Curiosity Grows Startup Ideas: Become Extremely Curious!

Curiosity Grows Startup Ideas: Become Extremely Curious!

curiosity grows startup ideas

Being a startup founder means that you need to know more about everything in the business, more than you think that is enough to know. Maybe you thought that you know enough about marketing, networking and product developing, well guess what, it is not enough. Only curiosity grows startup ideas!

There is only one trait that separates successful entrepreneur from all the others that is curiosity. To be curious means to be hunting answers for the simple questions like, what is this, or how does this work, in hope that you will place the last piece of the mental puzzle.

You cannot become curious, you can only practice until you get better.

You can get better with making a simple “opposite list”. This list is made on a piece of paper, on the left side you will write the ordinary things that you need to do the next day, and on the right side you need to write the opposite of that. Example, if you write walk the dog on the left side, on the right side should be run with the dog. This list will generate the curiosity needed to problem solve those new and inventive creations.
Other thing that you can do, is to ask yourself powerful questions that will encourage you to search for better answers. These questions must start with the words “how” or “why” because that’s how you will get more creative answers.

Then redefine the unknown. This means to get out of the circle of normal routine and start learning new stuff, get new hobby or read a different genre book. At the end of the cycle you must ask yourself “What did I learn from this?”

Broaden the mental boundaries. Curiosity is the hammer and the nail of every good entrepreneur. You need to stay curios in order to stay in your competitive edge.

Remember it and make it your daily mantra if you want to succeed with your startup company:

Only curiosity grows startup ideas!

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