Create Facebook Ads That Work: 10 Quick Tips to Help You

Create Facebook Ads That Work: 10 Quick Tips to Help You

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create facebook ads which work

If you want to expand your small business fast then you should consider using social advertising. Learn how to create Facebook ads which work and be one step closer to the massive success.

Facebook advertising is good for every business which wants to expand, for those who know how to make an effective ad and launch successful campaign. You should make a post or a ad about your business, it should be all about the one who is reading, to tell him why he needs to respond in the moment he sees the ad.

Here are some quick tips that will help you create Facebook ads which work:

1. The headline should be addressed to “you”.  The person reading the ad should feel like you are talking directly to him.

2. Be willing to be controversial. Tell the person who is seeing the ad why he should pay some attention to it.

3. Speak to your perfect prospect. Do not try to be everything for everybody, you should tell the reader why you are different from everybody else and why reading the ad is worth the time.

4. Use open loop and ad congruency strategies. It means that at the end of the text of the ad, there should be a read more button, so the readers can find out more. And the landing page should look like the ad, that is called “ad congruency “.

5. Look at the camera and smile. If you are featuring a person on the ad, should be a smiling one.

6. Try a red shirt. Red shirts get 75 % more clicks than any other color. Nobody knows why, but its true.

7. Be clear and concise. Be clear about what the prospect would get if he clicks the ad, but don’t give more than 20% of the landing page text.

8. Show the reward. Include the photo of the free reward, video or  coupon that the prospect would get and include the image in the landing page. This will decrease your landing page bounces.

9. Build proof with your link. Make sure the URL shown in the link  matches your brand, giving confidence to the reader.

10. Tell the prospect what it is that you need them to do. Use your link to give a clear call to action.


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