Convince Investors that You Can Sell in Five Ways

Convince Investors that You Can Sell in Five Ways

Convince Investors Like A Boss

Investing in a start-up company means that you believe in the company’s growth and you would expect profit someday. Now how to convince investors to invest in your company? That’s why we are here to help you to convince the investors to buy some shares and hope for the best.

Five ways to convince investors that you can sell:

  1. Show that customers value your product

There was a PetPartner App that was sold earlier this year and it was shown that the customers will value the product. The owner convinced the investors that everybody could profit from this app especially the investors. Moreover the company has 99.4 percent recurring monthly revenue retention rate.

  1. Demonstrate that the value of a customer is high relative to the cost of acquiring one.

We must mention again the PetPartner App where the lifetime customer is $12.800 but it will only cost the company $1.900 to make a sale. The lifetime customer is most valued one and it is five times cheaper than acquiring a customer is such an appealing ratio.

  1. Know your sales metrics cold

You should be able to sing the metrics of your business even in your sleep. Try to learn the key points of your business, you people and how much one employee can handle on a busy day. Now these numbers will give confidence to the investors and you will be able to convince them to invest.

  1. Analyze your sales metrics to identify ways to improve

Some entrepreneurs collect the metrics but after that they don’t do anything with them. That is a very bad habit. Should be the metrics are analyzed and data collected from them. That way you can identify ways to improve the business and the working of it.

  1. Figure out the sales model that works for your business

Sales models are made each for each business differently. There are people also which are great at closing but suck at opening. That’s why you need to able to recognize the characteristics of each worker and delegate the best way of selling to them.

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