Content Marketing Trends for 2016: Deep Analysis on the Social Media Platforms

Content Marketing Trends for 2016: Deep Analysis on the Social Media Platforms

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content marketing trends for 2016

Here are the content marketing trends for 2016, which may not occur as we write about them, but for sure you should know about them and be aware. This deep analysis on the major social media platforms include some unbelievable predictions!

Google+ is not going to survive to the next year (Maybe the saddest news from all these content marketing trends for 2016)

The Google+ platform was made by obviously a large company that was so convinced that they will take the market with Google+, they got cocky about it too. But as it turns out, the Google+ is going down since the first week of its release, and there is no way that it will come up to the surface soon. There will be a redesign too, but it is very hard to win a battle that is already lost.

Google tries to convince us that using Google+ is the friendliest social media platform for the SEO but after you knew this data about content marketing trends for 2016 would you accent your strategy on it?

Direct-to-Platform is at the beginning and it is doing great

Snapchat Discover, Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, Twitter Moments, LinkedIn Pulse and Apple News are making waves already and they changed the way of digital publishing. Why go to the browser when you can read the content on the app itself. That’s why they are now making even bigger efforts to accommodate the largest publishers, taking money from advertising too.

Facebook will take even bigger part in the voters life’s this year

Facebook has its trending posts, and they are really changing the opinions of the voters around the globe. On Facebook a discussion can be opened and long conversations are taking part, in which the voter may change its opinion for the next elections. This is a huge role to play, but Facebook likes to be the best platform to share opinions on and it will continue to be the best one still.

The new destinations of content will pull away the viewers from traditional publishers and channels

Why pay for some content on the New Yorker when you can get the same information for free, online. The YouTubers are independent workers who make money from advertising and they don’t pay anything, so there is still some money to be made there. Last year the famous YouTubers Bethany Mota, Hank Green, and GloZell Green were invited in the white house with the President Barack Obama, for an interview and with questions asked from their fan base. This is a sign that the free publishing works and can make you some money too.

Content will be easier to produce but harder to stand out with

Snapchat and Instagram are the perfect environments where the content can be catered and made look cool, but both the platforms are trying to find out a way to monetize it. There should be a constant content flow so that you stay on your customer radar all the time. With few posts a week you are doomed to fail.

Chat apps will change to better this year

WhatsApp, Line, Telegram and WeChat have been very popular in some other regions, but in the USA they didn’t have a dramatic climb. Although the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are widely used, they are looking for some better ways to make the chatting easier, and in the same time to make some money off of them. That’s why we are expecting them to be updated and made far more better for advertising too.

It’s up to you how you will adopt these content marketing trends for 2016 in your online presence.

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