What to consider before you deploy your web based startup

What to consider before you deploy your web based startup

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Many people will tell you that the design or the appearance is everything for your web based startup company. Relatively this is very true, but here is one curious example; what happens if you give a homeless person a suit? You will notice changes in how other people will start treating him.

It’s strange how people can change opinions so quickly judging only by appearance! But what if this homeless man continues behaving in the same way he used to? Imagine a gentlemen on the streets asking for money and mercy? It’s totally ridiculous and no one will take him seriously.

You might be asking yourselves why we brought you this example.

If you look around you, you will see a lot of people wearing masks, pretending to be someone they aren’t. It’s the same in the technology world folks, completely the same. How many times did you get disappointed at someone or some service that seemed like a perfect match for you?

Just imagine this scenario: One day logging in to your favorite social media platform and half of the features are not working! What would happen if you couldn’t apply filters on your photos on Instagram? You would be disappointed, because you were used to being able to do it. The user experience is all that matters.

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