How to Close more Sales with Just One Word

How to Close more Sales with Just One Word

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Closing this year with good results is an expected thing, and as we get closer and closer to the end, you need to check your goals and see where you stand. If you reached the goals, now you are going over them and just adding icing on the cake. If not, you need to learn the most important question that is missed by most of the salespeople. The question is “Why?” Why you missed to close more sales?

This simple question will open new doors for you and will help you to close even more deals, and to close them faster than before. This question is so good and valuable because with it you will see why the customer needs to buy the product, and you already know the steps of closing the deal. There is one reason why people buy stuff, it is to solve a problem.

Even when you buy flowers on the go for your wife, you buy them to solve a problem or to make a situation better. The “Why?” question is the fuel that drives every sale, and the “dominant buying motives” come from there, from the customers. If you know the motivation, you will know how to close the deal in the fastest way possible, and it will be profitable for you.

The same “why?” answers the question why a student takes loan from the bank to finish the education? He takes loan because after he finishes school, he wants to rise from the social class that he lives in and to make change in the world. He has found his purpose and he will strive till the end to accomplish it.

Once you show the customer that you are selling, and why he is willing to buy, you have got a closed deal and everybody will be happy.

If you don’t sell you will fail. It is simple as that. Close more sales by the end of the year!

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