Big Corporations Marketing Strategies: Copying them is not a Bad Thing

Big Corporations Marketing Strategies: Copying them is not a Bad Thing

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big corporations marketing strategies

Owning a business involves performing marketing at high level, and copying big corporations marketing strategies is not a bad thing at all! We need to follow the successful in order to become one of them. Yes, it is simple as that!

We often see the expensive ads from the Coca Cola Company where the great logo is placed to be visible all the time. This creates a like in your mind for this logo and the next time you go in a store you will buy the Coke without thinking at all. That’s why it would be great if you try and make copying the big corporations marketing strategies, and let the ads work for you.

Of course some of the biggest companies today had their lucky charm working for them, and they became wanted all around the world, but for sure we need a marketing strategies, and it would be great if you followed these ones in particular.

Coca Cola has kept the identity and product consistency for 130 years

big corporations marketing strategies

The difference between the good company and the great company is the product consistency. The great and successful companies don’t go and change everything in the production just in one day. It takes many years just to change the supplier for sugar in the Coca Cola Company, because they need to test and re-test the new ingredient and after that slowly to use it in their product.

The iconic logo also takes a huge part in reminding the customer to buy more products, every day. Of course it takes a good leader to succeed too, so start reading some marketing literature which will help you a lot.

Apple always satisfies the cravings of the passionate tribe

big corporations marketing strategies

Developing a stunning product or device, which will deliver the ultimate user experience is the way to go. Never try to copy the product because you will be left with nothing, big corporations marketing strategy is good to copy but not the product itself. Apple has awakened a long waiting tribe, and now they are enjoying the Apple products every day, making them buy the new ones as they are released.

Expert opinions are published by Colgate for the customers


Valuable and useful information about the dental health is published every day by the Colgate Company (you imagined the logo didn’t you?) which makes the customer feel more valuable. Also the customer will know that you have experts working for you, which is the best way to go. That will show that a company with experts is a serious company and you know what you are producing there.

Starbucks has taken the social media to a whole new level

big corporation marketing strategies

Starbucks has employed people to work on their Twitter profile, responding to tweets about them in insane speed. This is what makes the customer feel like they are connected with the company at any time, also it gives security and reliability to the company and the product too.

We can safely say that successful marketing depends on successful strategy. Observing the big companies strategies and implementing them on smaller scale is the way to go.

Copying big corporations marketing strategies can only bring benefit and increased income flow to your business. You should spent at least one hour a day analyzing your favorite corporation and next try to apply what you’ve learned. It’s cost free and beneficial.

These examples here are given to give you an idea in which course you should move with your marketing activities.

Knowledge is power, with it we can rule the games and ultimately rule the biggest game we are all part of it, life!

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