Answer These Three Questions Before You Start a Small Business

Answer These Three Questions Before You Start a Small Business

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Start a Small Business

Nowadays everyone is thinking to start a small business but they don’t know when is the right time to do that. Here we have some questions that you need to answer first before you dive deep into the entrepreneurial waters.

Begin with this question:  Why should I start a business?

Some people start a business by the need of autonomy. Nobody likes to be bossed around and be questioned every five minutes. If you are doing a full time job at the moment, maybe you need to start a small business on the side, and then when it is ready to go high, quit the full time job and dedicate yourself on the business you started.

We have another example for you. Sujan Patel was working full time at When I Work – an employee software scheduling company. He created tools on the PC in order to ease his work, when his colleges saw what he had, they were offering money for them. That was the moment when he figured out what he had and he knew that he need to turn that into a business. You never know when the possibility of opening a business may strike you.

The main question is: Are you ready?

Maybe you feel like you need to break free from the full time job and start a business right away, don’t quit just yet. You need to question yourself, how long can you pay for your expenses without any income in the budget? Ask yourself also, do you have the financial and the emotional support you need to take care of you and your family, as you start to build your business?

How much savings you should have to start a small business?

There isn’t a correct answer here. It depends on the size of the business you want to start and the start expenses that you need to cover.

Our final words are these: Middle class sucks folks. Don’t live your life on the edge of survival, blow up, expand, get out of your comfort zone because you’ve survived a lot and you will survive a lot, you are unbroken! Life is a game, master it and rule it! Find what you are passionate about and move fast.

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