About us

About us

Rule the Games is education and motivation driven website. The main goal is to help young brilliant minds to get out of the middle class mindset and go earn their success. Nothing happens with complaining and just sitting in one place.

Rule the Games’sĀ idea is to bring our audience more information about startups, effective marketing strategies, entrepreneur improvement, sales, how to do things crucial for their business on their own, motivate them and supply with inexpensive and free online courses which will help them to stand out.

Startups – Everything you need to know about how to start your business, how to get investors and why you need sales and marketing on the very beginning. We’ll cover all these topics in this category and the categories related to it.

Technology – We live in digital era of information. If you don’t use the right technology the chances to grow your business and be found online are so small. Here we’ll cover tips about which technology you should use for your website, mobile app, internal CRM, what technologies are hot and what is the demand.

Marketing – The fresh air for your business. If you don’t promote the chances to fail are huge. At the beginning of your business you might get some referrals from friends and people you know but the process will significantly slow down if you don’t promote! Here in this category we’ll cover effective marketing strategies which will give you armor to continue with you business battle.

Sales – The food for your business. Without air and food no one will survive, neither do your business! If you don’t sell you will fell! Sales are process which should start from the very launch of your business. Here we’ll cover tips how to increase the sales and get more clients.

Motivation – You need to stay motivated. Motivation is the force which will guide you in the tough times even when it seems that the world will fall upon you! Only motivation will beat fear permanently and give you boost to keep moving forward! In this category we’ll cover useful tips and success stories from people who did whatever it takes to succeed.

How to – Become better in each field of your life. This is very similar category to Entrepreneur improvement but on Rulethegames.com everything is related. In this particular category we’ll cover more DIY tips for guerrilla marketers who want to take the advantage of their own efforts of doing things.

Online courses – Comprehensive and cheap online courses which will support each category of Rulethegames.com and fulfill the gap of missing information.

Free video tutorials – Here we’ll cover more topics like DIY, SEO improvement, how to make a WordPress website, how to start your online business and again fulfill the gap if mission information from the related categories.

As we said at the beginning, the big idea is to help young people and hustlers to find everything they need to succeed in life! Knowledge is power! In today’s world only the right information in the right time will bring you money. Yes, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, you need knowledge how to use the information and benefit from it!

Of course we might miss something but feel free to send us your suggestions through the contact form.

We wish you a successful life journey and challenging game! Life is a game folks, master it and rule it!

Best Regards,

Rule the Games Team

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