5 Techniques to Become Master Closer

5 Techniques to Become Master Closer

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Closing the deal seem to be the hardest thing for the salespersons. They are doing cold calls, follow ups and what not, and when it comes to close the deal, nothing, empty handed and disappointed. Here we have 5 techniques that will help you to become master closer:

1. Commit to Greatness

First thing to commit to, before committing to sales, is to commit to greatness. Don’t be the average guy who is salesman and has only money to finish the month with positive zero. If you are not great, than you are average, which is not good at all.

2. Train Multiple and Creative Closes

Easy sale will go down smooth. But when you have a doubting customer than you need to have more than 3 or 4 closes in your repertoire. You need to get creative and capture the customer.

3. Persist Until You Close

Being great, and not average, will allow you to circle around the customer and will not let him leave without a closed deal. If the customer says no on the first time, reposition yourself with greatness and ask again.

4. Tie Financial Goals to Closing

Here is a fun fact. 76% of the Americans live paycheck to paycheck. The conclusion is being average closer is the formula to fail. Clear you mind and think about the struggle with life, that will make you close more deals.

5. Train to Become a Master Closer

You get paid to close deals, not to call people and offer them something. That’s why the great masters first master their craft and then and only then they go to challenge someone. If you didn’t master the closing techniques, start now and become great.

If you commit to these five techniques you will become master closer! You will become undisputed!

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