24 Business Tools to Run Your Business from Anywhere in the World

24 Business Tools to Run Your Business from Anywhere in the World

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Running a business means traveling a lot, but the traveling shouldn’t stop you from operating your business from anywhere in the world! Here are 24 business tools that will help you most of the time:

1. Basecamp

Managing projects, communication with the team and staying on top of who is assigned to what task.

2. Boomerang

This tool will help you with scheduling emails, and send them at specific times using Chrome, Firefox or safari.

3. Dropbox

Store documents and allow somebody else to access it. Dropbox is the best for that.

4. Join.me

Virtual meeting and screen sharing software, intuitive without the need to download anything.

5. Narrow.io

It delivers a targeted Twitter following and makes it very easy to engage with them.

6. Trello

Tracking projects from distance, assigning members to tasks is done better with Trello

7. Toggl

Being productive remotely means to track the time, Toggl is the best one yet.

8. Skype

Stay connected anywhere, with voice call or video call, Skype has it.

9. Trade Ability

This tool calculates the cost of shipping and it calculates the duty fees and international trade restrictions.

10. Evernote

Clipping notes also, form webpages and emails, Evernote the best note ever.

11. Freemind

Planning the work graphically, great tool for visual learners.

12. PayPal

Don’t worry about foreign banks, PayPal is secure and reliable, send money everywhere at same rate.

13. Infusionsoft

Customized funnels and email chains, this is a huge lifesaver for the small businesses.

14. Zendesk

Set it up and it will provide customer support anytime, it will even track every transaction made.

15. Time Trade

Allowing the clients to see your availability and to sync the Google Calendar with it. Scheduling made easy now.

16. Pingdom

Keep an eye on your website, checking uptime and average response time.

17. Express VPN

Restrictions in some countries make it hard for you to stay on top, so set It up before you go and you are safe.

18. Skype number

Forward the calls directly to Skype when abroad, good choice worth making.

19. Prey

Theft secure, this tool will send the whereabouts of the phone, making it easy to find if stolen.

20. Bluehost

Reliable and affordable choice for hosting, don’t worry if something goes wrong, they will fix it.

21. LogMeIn

Log in and control your desktop no matter where you are

22. Buffer

Allows you to schedule social media posts and automate the task to occur at times that make sense to your customers.

23. Freshbooks

Dedicated accountant is great, but if small company probably you don’t have one. Freshbooks tracks expenses income and more.

24. Prezi

Cloud based presentations made easy now with Prezi, it can be seen anywhere anytime.

Or you can outsource your tech team to handle everything for you while you will sell most of the time using just few of these business tools. On that way you will generate more revenue for you and your company without overloading yourself with tons of tasks.

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